Algeria: a gateway between Africa and Europe
Algeria, although the Mediterranean's largest and second-largest country in Africa, is in still relatively unexplored market position : As a consequence of the sharp growth of the real estate sector, the demand for furniture products and decorative items, especially for residential projects and the hospitality segment, is on the increase not only in Algeria also in Sub-Saharan African countries.

Algeria is an  African country where import is very important  on furniture & home textile  market. Algeria has achieved a sustainable political stability that has an influence on economic growth. It’s estimated that GDP growth in the coming years will be about 3%. 

Algeria has enormous possibilities to boost its economic growth, including huge foreign-exchange reserves derived from oil and gas. A development strategy targeting stronger, sustained growth would create more jobs, especially for young people, and alleviate the housing shortage the country is facing. The national strategic option is therefore to revitalise the process intended to diversify the economy starting with the non-oil sector while deepening the reforms needed for the structural transformation of the economy